Sheryl Kimble

With a remarkable journey spanning over 14 years in the world of entrepreneurship, Sheryl Kimble stands as the driving force behind the exceptional Gigi's Sweets experience. As a passionate small business owner, Sheryl has tirelessly worked to craft a confectionary wonderland that tantalizes taste buds and creates unforgettable moments.

Sheryl's inspiration stems from a deep-rooted desire to create a haven for her three beloved daughters, a place where special occasions could be celebrated with joy and sweetness. Fueled by this vision, she embarked on a journey to bring to life the dream of offering gourmet popcorn, cookies, and ice cream delights that transport you to a world of pure indulgence.

Sheryl has an unwavering commitment to transforming an ordinary treat into an extraordinary social experience. Her dedication to delivering the ultimate sweet escapade is the heartbeat of Gigi's Sweets. With Sheryl at the helm, every bite becomes a cherished memory, and every visit feels like a celebration. She is not just a business owner; she is the creative sweetpreneur who has turned dreams into delectable realities.

Sweet Talk With Gigi's

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